Driving Policy

Driving and Journey Management Policy

Road incidents are the greatest single hazard facing SNCL in our land operations. It is our desire to ensure the safety of life and property while pursuing our business in land operation. It is on the strength of this that our driving policy has been designed and will be applied in our operations.

    SNCL Staff/Drivers and Contractors:
  • Every journey must be done in full compliance with our journey management procedure.
  • To demonstrate clearly that land transport safety is as important as other business objectives and transport incidents are avoidable.
  • Meet all logistics requirement and apply responsible standards and procedures where national regulations do not exist.
  • Challenge the requirement for journey and consider alternatives (telephone, fax etc) with the aim of minimizing exposure to the driving environment.
  • Undertake all transport operations with proper regard for the environment.
  • Except during emergencies, all journeys must be planned such that they start and end during the hours between 6:00 am. and 6:00 pm. (i.e. day time) only
  • Supervisors are responsible for journey management just as they are held accountable for the job. The same line of supervisor for the job will therefore be followed for reported breaches of the journey management procedure.
  • In line with our HSE policy, any journey deemed unsafe by the crew must be suspended and reported to the supervisor, the journey can however go ahead when such unsafe condition is corrected.
  • The Journey Manager must ensure that only drivers in possession of the valid-driving permit are used in client/SNCL operations. Any breach of this policy will attract strict disciplinary measures.
  • Every person that drives SNCL vehicles must collect, read, understands and acknowledges the receipt of this policy.

Managing Director
January 2nd 2020


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