Health and Safety Policy


All operations of SEGUA NIGERIA COMPANY LIMITED shall be planned and executed in such a manner as to minimise any adverse effect or impact on the environment in which we operate. The trust of the planning and execution of our work shall be environmental protection and preservation.

In the course of our operation all wastes generated shall be collected, handled treated and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

The emission to atmosphere shall be limited to the emission criteria and SEGUA NIGERIA COMPANY LIMITED reference data criteria. Contaminated water or other liquid shall be contained within the plot area and treated, analysed prior to authorised discharge.

All regulation/legislation on environmental issue by the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its appropriate agencies such as Federal Environmental Protection Agency. (FEPA), Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LaSEPA), Local Government Authority and Ministry of Health are binding on SEGUA NIGERIA COMPANY LIMITED.

Effective and responsible waste management is a key element of SNCL?s overall environmental management system. Waste prevention shall always be the first choice in the hierarchy of waste management options. However, when waste cannot be prevented, the principal of recover, recycle, and reuse' shall be incorporated as much as possible.

SNCL shall: Ensure as much as possible that the generation of solid and liquid waste is minimized.

Manage waste in consonance with applicable Nigerian legislation and guidelines of relevant regulatory agencies and as guided by client.

Ensure that waste generated during operations shall be managed from the cradle to grave to eliminate the potential liabilities that could result from improper disposal.

Managing Director
January 2nd 2020


To become the leading indigenous Facility System Service provider (FSSP) & integrated engineering services to clients in the Nigerian oil and gas sector..
Segua dedicates its professional activities towards meeting the following goals; - To act with integrity always in meeting the needs of our customers; stated or implied.
- To constantly improve our knowledge base, skills and tools so that we remain competitive, and continue to develop local content expertise.
- To maintain Segua Nigeria Company Limited as a profitable and growing business by providing quality services for our customers; and creating expanded opportunities, security and strength for ourselves.
- To improve our quality of life through a stimulating work environment, financial rewards, individual professional growth and satisfaction.